Career Opportunities

Looking to retire or sell your practice?

Customized purchase packages available. There are different options available to your transition structure depending on when you are looking to retire.

Freedom of Independence

Help you AND your clients by choosing independence

  • Financial – Ability to structure a succession plan that works for you.
  • Client distribution – Don’t let your clients be sent into the wild with random advisors. You have different options regarding how, when and where your clients get distributed.

Here’s how we can help you accomplish your goals:

  • Over 60 years combined length of service for current advisors
  • Tenure of Employees means experienced and consistent relationships
  • Comfortable client meeting environment
  • Two Registered Senior Account Administrators
  • Office space is ready-to-go with phone, computer, printer
  • Ample bandwidth to add advisors/clients
  • Various transitional support and services available
  • Operational support provided
  • Access to experienced succession planning advisors
  • Potential tax benefits over wirehouse options